Codeine Guide Advantages and Disadvantages

Codeine Guide Advantages and Disadvantages

Codeine is an opiate, which is commonly used for its properties to alleviate a range of medical problems. It is an analgesic that also has anti-diarrheal, antihypertensive, and sedative and more properties. Due to this, it has many possible uses.

The main use of codeine is to treat pain that ranges between mild and moderate. It can be found in medical pharmacies by itself or in combination with other constituents like paracetamol and is marketed under various brand names.


Codeine Phosphate 30 Mg


Codeine is the active component in codeine phosphate, zapain, dihydrocodeine and co-dydramol. These are used to relieve pain. It is used either as a pain medicine or to provide relief from coughs and diarrhoea. When codeine enters the blood stream and reaches the liver, an enzyme converts it into morphine. This substance called morphine, even in very small quantities produces considerable pain relief for pain that is caused by a range of causes.

Due to the slight sedative effect that may be associated with this medicine, it is necessary that the user does not operate heavy machinery or drive vehicles when under its effect. The side-effects associated with the medicine can affect people who suffer from certain medical conditions. Hence, it is necessary that you ensure that it is safe to use, before starting the dosage. Codeine is not recommended in patients who are suffering from certain medical conditions, the details of which will be mentioned in the pamphlet available with the medicine.


Co Codamol


Co-codamol 30/500 mg is a compound analgesic that includes paracetamol and codeine phosphate as the major components. It is a mild analgesic that provides pain relief to a patient, in cases, where ibuprofen and aspirin are not sufficient. The strength of codeine in co-codamol may vary depending on the formulation, and it may range between 8 and 60mg.

Since codeine is the primary constituent, the same side effects that are associated with codeine are applicable to co-codamol. This list includes constipation, rashes, hypersensitivity, nausea, and drowsiness. The amount of morphine that will be generated in the blood stream will depend on the rate of metabolism of the patient. Hence, the dosage should be as is advised by the doctor who prescribes the tablet.


Other Codeine Formulations


Codeine is a popular analgesic and pain reliever. Apart from the more popular brands that contain codeine phosphate 30mg and co-codamol, it is also present in a huge variety of other codeine formulations that are available in online pharmacies. These include co-dydramol which contain codeine in the form of diydrocodeine and paracetamol is also a constituent. Soplapdol contains codeine phosphate hemihydrate with paracetamol. Dihydrocodeine tablets offer pain relief. Zapain and Kapake are the other brand names that contain codeine with paracetamol amongst other ingredients.

The choice of tablet would depend on the condition that is to be treated and the dosage that is necessary to obtain pain relief. For mild pain, a lower dosage will be sufficient whereas for moderate to severe pain, a higher dosage will often be necessary. As with all medications, this pain medicine should be used only as per the recommended dosage. It is not recommended to continuing it over the suggested time limit, as it can cause unwanted side effects.

You can order codeine and its derivative medical products online through online pharmacy services. If you have any concerns regarding the medicine that would work with you, you can check with the panel of doctors who are associated with the suggested website, and they will help you determine the medicine that will be appropriate for your condition.

Should the pain not reduce or improve upon consumption of the suggested dosage of codeine, it may be necessary to seek alternative treatment. The doctors will recommend this and you can act/ mg accordingly.

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